Art prints that boost your mood and harness the power of positivity.

We are an online shop and gallery specialising in mood boosting art prints to empower, motivate and inspire. Founded in 2017, The Positive Print company started out as Nine By Nine. Why? Because we worked with nine independent artists every month to release nine new prints! As our small business has grown, our ambitions have too and we now work with over 100 artists from all over the world and specialise in prints that encourage self care, wellness and positivity, through the power of art.

We believe that self care starts at home and surrounding yourself with positive affirmations and uplifting artwork can be a powerful tool in changing your mindset and boosting your mood. There’s a lot to be said for speaking kindly to yourself, in the way that you’d speak to your best friend if they needed words of encouragement but for many of us, being overly self-critical stops that from happening. Our goal is to spread positivity through art in your home to make you feel empowered, confident and happy.

We work with a talented bunch of independent artists from all over the world to bring you these beautiful art prints. We support every artist on our roster with a share of the profit going directly to them. We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through our collections and that our prints have put a smile on your face.

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